Getting Financial Help

If you think you may need help covering your share of Medicare, there are several programs available to you. Even if you’re not sure if you qualify, you should still sign up, as less than half of people who are eligible sign up for these benefits. Don’t miss out by not signing up!

  • Medicaid – Helps pay costs not covered by Parts A and B and may include additional coverage like routine eye care and non-emergency transportation to doctors’ appointments.
  • Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) – A combination of medical, social and long-term care for elderly people in poor health.
  • Prescription drug premium assistance programs – Help pay some or even all of Part D premiums, deductibles (if applicable), copays and coinsurances
  • Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program – Find out if you are eligible for assistance in paying for your out-of-pocket Medicare Part D drug plan costs. Call EPIC at 1-800-332-3742 (TTY 1-800-290-9138). 
  • Extra Help/Low Income Subsidy (LIS) – Based on your income, you can get help paying for prescription drugs.

Contact your local Social Security office for more information.