Well I chose a Medicare Advantage plan because they have more predictable out-of-pocket expenses. And that way, I have a better idea of how much I'm spending each year.

Part C, also known as a Medicare Advantage Plan, includes all services covered by Parts A and B and may offer extra coverage like routine vision, hearing, dental, as well as health and wellness programs. Most Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage or Part D.

What else should you know? Here are the major points. You're eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan when you turn 65 or younger with a qualifying disability.

You must enroll in Parts A and B to enroll in Part C.

Medicare Advantage plans are private health plans that usually cover more services and have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare.

All Medicare Advantage plans limit the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket each year. This allows you to budget more efficiently than Original Medicare, which has no limit on how much you may be responsible for.

If you do reach this annual out-of-pocket limit with your Medicare Advantage plan, your copay for medically covered services will then be $0 for the rest of the calendar year.

Different Medicare Advantage plans cover different services at different costs. You need to do your research to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Well, those are just some of the main points of Medicare Advantage plans. To learn more about your Medicare options, stop into an Independent Health Medicare Information Center and talk to a RedShirt. We're here to help you.

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